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This tongue-in-cheek video stokes the fire in terms of the on-going debate with the convergence of personal data and the ability to share corporate databases across all areas our lives and relationships. It’s a satirical yet scary look at where many consumers think the world of data and CRM is headed.
While it is true that, unbeknownst to average folks, marketers employ complex data crunching and predictive analysis behind the scenes, the pizza order scenario represents an application that no one – marketer and consumer – would like to see. No matter how a process may simplify or tailor a purchase, or identify a preference, we can’t believe this is a true representation of where things are going. It goes well beyond what is expected, accepted or reasonable.
But that matters very little. The perception exists. And, that is all that is needed to create paranoia. It does not help that the growth of digital channels, social networks and other platforms have all established a reliance on data to drive the experience. Current practices just seems to legitimize such concerns.
Now, marketers steeped in data and digital channels know that this not the future. However, it is getting harder to explain what the future holds as technology reduces all barriers and consumers continue to raise their voices. The video suggests consumers “take action” to prevent this kind of data abuse from becoming reality. This is always the precursor for government to step in and potentially become the scariest part of the equation for both sides.
Do you believe the Orwellian picture painted by this video? Is it far-fetched, realistic or simply alarmist? What are your thoughts on the future of CRM and data in the digital world – both as a marketer and as a consumer?