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Spend an hour with Marissa Mayer, Vice President at Google who talks to Charlie Rose all about the most popular search engine in the world. She was one of Google’s first twenty employees and it’s first female engineer. For more info on Marissa, check out this article in NY Times last month.
Marissa sheds light on the keys to Google’s success such as innovation, launching early and launching often, creating small teams, empowering them and staying agile. And, of course, staying focused on the users.
Charlie asks some interesting questions like “Is Google the next Microsoft, and Facebook the next Google?” Touchier issues around Yahoo! are answered in the way you’d expect.
She provides a great overview of the different services Google has put out from Organic and Paid Search to News to Latitude and what it takes to make it as an employee. In all, nothing earth shattering or too revealing if you pay attention to the tech world (not that it was really expected), but always interesting to hear direct from the source.
The one thing that comes across is that Marissa is passionate, articulate and just loving the gig she’s got. And, who wouldn’t!