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Lawson Clarke is a copywriter, a Male Copywriter. From what I can tell he is a rather good one who is unfortunately out of a full-time gig currently (but likely not for long).
He made me laugh out loud – not a full of crap LOL – it was actual out laughter. Rare.
In a world of freelancers looking to set themselves apart, Lawson wins. His creatively simple site says a lot about him (almost too much). It is a straightforward and humorous approach to showcase his talent and his work. Check out his portfolio – his writing is right up my alley. He seems like the kind of guy you’d want to play a round of golf with, or hang out and watch the game (that is as long as the bear skin rug is no where nearby).
Tip of the hat to Bob Garfield via Ad Age for a recommendation that did not disappoint.
Check out Lawson at Male Copywriter. He is on Twitter too, @malecopywriter.