We live in a world where anything can be bought and where hidden advertising has become pervasive. You can’t turn around these days without wondering what has been bought and what is organic (meaning it is there because it naturally should be).
No doubt that brand managers everywhere are struggling to get the attention and eyeballs they once had in spades. Our culture has changed on their watch with an increasingly cluttered marketplace, disintermediation, shorting attention spans, channel and platform proliferation and audiences that are simply more selective and fickle.
Placement of products in film actually goes back to 1896 when Lever Brothers showcased Sunlight Soap in a short film from the Lumière brothers titled Washing Day in Switzerland .
Ever since, some brands have manged to achieve a seamless and smooth integration of their products into radio, film or TV. While others have simply made us cringe. And, although the origins of the Soap Opera was as a content vehicle to sell soap to housewives (born on radio then migrated to TV), the examples below from the long running soap Days of Our Lives seems to take the process to new lows.
Take a look and I’ll let you decide.

Kind of makes Wayne’s World look a bit more natural.

Hat tip to Tug at American Copywriter via Yahoo!.