To further the discussion of wikileaks means not just continuing the chatter taking place in the mainstream press. To actually further the conversation means peeling back the layers of what it really represents. It is not just what was said in the “cables” but what happened within the physical cables through which the leaks are being distributed.
What Is A Real Internet?
Through the looking glass of the wikileaks case we see that The Cluetrain Manifesto-based Internet is not really as in play as we think. The Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) community explored the what the Wikileaks situation has shone a light upon; the reach of the state, freedom of the press, the continual hierarchical nature of systems, net neutrality and, the future of Internet freedom.
Jeff Jarvis speaks to being on a “hinge moment” while Douglas Rushkoff speaks to the fact that the Internet is not what it should be. It is not a real internet and it is a great illusion of democracy. He posits “Do we want a real Internet?”.
Fascinating thoughts and ideas on what we are living though – “birth pains” as suggeted by Gideon Lichfield. Give it a watch and listen to the real issues at play.

Watch the discussion
Time coding of speakers:
Mark Pesce – 0:00
Esther Dyson – 11:36 (note audio interuptions that take a few minutes to resolve)
Jeff Jarvis – 19:50
Rebecca MacKinnon – 26:59
Jay Rosen – 35:20
Carne Ross – 43:02
Douglas Rushkoff – 49:58
Katrin Verclas – 56:18
Gideon Lichfield – 1:03:14
Session was moderated by Micah Sifry