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Hillarious little take on the social network of choice for over a half-billion of us (and counting) and the “personas” we have come to know and love. Actually, not so much on the love thing. Perhaps it is just a “like”.
Courtesy of Altoids and their agency The Evolution Bureau, the Altoid’s Curiously Strong Awards honors the “Stars of Facebook” and is a wonderful glimpse into the characters that are are all a part of the zeitgeist of Facebook we have grown accustom to (not this Zeitgeist, mind you).
As the site deftly notes:

Their excessive liking and ridiculous wall posts have become our escape from the monotony of the real world. Without these friends, Facebook would just be the local news.

Released on the Altoids Facebook page, you can even award a friend via a Facebook application. Anyways…, time to log off… I’ll be back in two minutes.

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