When we reflect back on Social Media in 50 years, what will we have to say?

Well, it might be something like this FutureHipsters clip below. It’s a cute, funny, tounge-in-cheek video put together by Toronto-based agency Entrinsic, filmed in support of Social Media Week which is now a massive global event.

Eli Singer runs Entrinsic and has been a mover and a shaker in social leadership circles not only because he gets the true nature of social media, he lives and breathes it. His efforts have single-handedly widened the social scene for Toronto  (CaseCamp, SM Week TO) and created an environment for all to learn and, well, be social with each other face-to-face versus screen-to-screen.

His tireless advocacy and community building is something that should be acknowledged and applauded. Good on you Eli.   (Disclosure – not only are we good friends, I’ve teamed up with Eli on a few projects in the past.)

Check out the work below.