Well known big box and mall staple clothing store (rhymes with Moldy Gravy) posts sign at cash “Like us on Facebook for 10% off your purchases”.

Fire up the mobile app (with no in-store WiFi mind you) and wait while the line grows behind.  Fat thumb through the non-intuitive path to get to the brand’s specific store location and manage to hit the “Like”.

Person behind the counter actually checks your status is now set to “Like”. (Full credit to retailer for that small but critical step of verifying the discount hoops were jumped through properly.)  

Immediately, upon application of discount, thumb still conveniently hovering right over the “Unlike” bar still on screen, it gets hit.  Get out of the pool, pack up the kids and head for the parking lot. 

The “Like Economy” now dictates a pay-to-play model.  We knew it was coming. It is a transient and false economy that means nothing especially when gamed on by both sides by brand and consumer.  

The lines get blurry and the lines at check-out just get longer.

Is it any wonder those darn kids aren’t interested in Facebook any more?