Is WebGL A Glimpse Of Where The Web Is Going?


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What can one say about a music video made for the web thats really not a video at all?
Well, the video below is the behind the scenes overview of a project from Google and the musical collaboration Rome that includes Jack White, Danger Mouse and Norah Jones. It is not so much about the content of what is seemingly a music video as much as it is about the structure/platform used to generate the content. And, it is an interesting look at where things are headed.
Yes, things will change. Fast.
Our construct of websites with pictures, copy and “clicky things” will one day soon have us scratch our heads and wonder why we settled for such a flat experience. The mindset of watching a online video with little differentiation in terms of how you would watch it on your TV may be a relic inside this decade.
Will it be HTML 5? WebGL? Who Knows.
There are some great examples of HTML 5 being used in this capacity and another musical experiment is from Arcade Fire with The Wilderness Downtown – a Chorme experiment.
Below, you’ll find an video introduction being used as a showcase for WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library). WebGL is “a software library that extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser.” Wikipedia. De-constructed, this simply means your browser will transcend (or be independent of) hardware and operating systems constraints (with some notable exceptions).
So, how does a browser transform the viewer into a deeper experience? Well, it is still early days but a look at this “making of” video starts to shed some light on things. Check it out and take a glimpse at things to come.

There are some amazing other Note: you need a pretty high end graphics card to run these examples (which is ironic in terms of what WebGL purports to accomplish in terms of hardware on your machine. But hey, who am I to critique how a child runs before it crawls.

AutoCorrect Monkeys. No Animals Were Hurt In The Making Of This Post.

Don’t ask me why, but I love monkeys. Put a monkey in commercial or movie and I laugh. Really laugh, not some lame LOL.
I never thought twice about it until now. As we get older we start to peel back the layers of how things work our perspectives change. That is a good thing,
This PETA video is an effective way to send the message to a very targeted audience and change both perceptions and practices.
I can live without the laughter. Can you?

Curiously Strong Video From Altoids


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Hillarious little take on the social network of choice for over a half-billion of us (and counting) and the “personas” we have come to know and love. Actually, not so much on the love thing. Perhaps it is just a “like”.
Courtesy of Altoids and their agency The Evolution Bureau, the Altoid’s Curiously Strong Awards honors the “Stars of Facebook” and is a wonderful glimpse into the characters that are are all a part of the zeitgeist of Facebook we have grown accustom to (not this Zeitgeist, mind you).
As the site deftly notes:

Their excessive liking and ridiculous wall posts have become our escape from the monotony of the real world. Without these friends, Facebook would just be the local news.

Released on the Altoids Facebook page, you can even award a friend via a Facebook application. Anyways…, time to log off… I’ll be back in two minutes.

Via AdFreak

Crazy Online Communities Via Viral Video Film School

In my passion for investigating corners of the ever expanding digital realm, I am fascinated by online communities, content and the elusive “viral” element. Every once in a while, as I follow random nodes on the interwebs, I come across a gem like Viral Video Film School and, in this case, I had to share.
It has nothing to do with marketing yet everything to do with marketing. Most of all, it made me lol – like really laugh out loud. I trust it will have the same result with you.
If not, you are probably a tobacco chewing, internet scam initiating, none-at-time wine talking death metal imitator with an angry Dad (you kinda have to watch to get that one). Time well wasted.

What We Watched In 2010: The Year In Review From YouTube

What were our favorite distractions, inspirations and jaw-dropping wtf moments within the world online video this year? Look no further then YouTube Rewind 2010: The Year In Review which showcases the online videos we checked-out the most.
From Tiger, Mustafa, Beiber, the next Beiber, The Bed Intruder, Keenan Cahill, the plethora of Haul videos and, the Double Rainbow guy, it was a year full of interesting videos to watch (some more than others!).
Check YouTube’s Rewind Channel for a timeline of all the moments over the past year.
Here is the trailer:

When All You Do Is Complain …

… you better have a plan in hand. A plan for fixing or attempting to solve that which you complain about.
It Feels Good To Vent
First, let’s acknowledge we have all been there. For whatever reason, things are frustrating. Even when the issue is clearly not your fault or your direct problem. It could be a client, your agency, your boss, the other departments or silos we all have to deal with in the course of our daily business. It could be the parking ticket, the flat tire, the kids or the weather. We are all human and just need someone to listen once in a while. Its cathartic.
No One Cares Anyhow
No matter how legitimate, no matter how “in the right” you are, complaining gets you nowhere. That old phase “I’d complain but no one cares” is true.
A Fatal Flaw Of Those Who Complain
They never have a plan. In the context of business, if you are going to complain, you better be willing to do something about it. If your project has gone haywire or you believe a client or agency is going rouge, then you need to step it up and put a framework around fixing it things. Ideas and suggestions with solutions in mind always outrank opinions on who is to blame.
Some Tips For Venting
1. Starting: Begin with the following disclosure “Excuse me, I am going to vent for a minute. I need to get something off my chest” is the best way to start.
2. Be Brief: Kept it to a minute or two MAX!!!
3. Avoid Gossip: Keep it to facts and do not get personal. Getting personal takes away your credibility in managing the situation and being seen as a leader. Don’t go there. Strive to keep it professional, not personal.
4. Be Selective: Don’t let venting become a habit. Wonder why people avoid you in the halls? Don’t be that guy/girl.
5. Imagine Yourself As The “Ventee”: How do you sound? What are you saying? If you were eavesdropping in on your own conversation, would you judge yourself on the merits of your argument?
6. Be Careful: What you say may come back to haunt you. Make sure you don’t say/do anything you might regret.
7. Would You Say It To Their Face?: If you had the opportunity to confront the person, group or folks in charge of the process which whom you are taking issue, would you be as candid or more diplomatic?
8. Logic Versus Emotion OR Having Perspective: Can you see it from the other side of the fence? Are you able to remove yourself from your vested interest or emotional attachment? Can you be sympathetic to the other parties position? Have you taken time to reflect?
9. Count To Ten: Always a good idea to think before you speak. For some reason, more and more I hear people not using the proper filters before speaking.
10. Have A Plan: As already noted, if you are venting or complaining to others involved, or more importantly if they are above you in the organization, you must come equipped with a plan of action. Every one is looking to be led and looking for leaders. If you can articulate a plan and create a solution, you are the leader.
And remember, always remember above all, you are not perfect. None of us are.

Do We Want A Real Internet?

To further the discussion of wikileaks means not just continuing the chatter taking place in the mainstream press. To actually further the conversation means peeling back the layers of what it really represents. It is not just what was said in the “cables” but what happened within the physical cables through which the leaks are being distributed.
What Is A Real Internet?
Through the looking glass of the wikileaks case we see that The Cluetrain Manifesto-based Internet is not really as in play as we think. The Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) community explored the what the Wikileaks situation has shone a light upon; the reach of the state, freedom of the press, the continual hierarchical nature of systems, net neutrality and, the future of Internet freedom.
Jeff Jarvis speaks to being on a “hinge moment” while Douglas Rushkoff speaks to the fact that the Internet is not what it should be. It is not a real internet and it is a great illusion of democracy. He posits “Do we want a real Internet?”.
Fascinating thoughts and ideas on what we are living though – “birth pains” as suggeted by Gideon Lichfield. Give it a watch and listen to the real issues at play.

Watch the discussion
Time coding of speakers:
Mark Pesce – 0:00
Esther Dyson – 11:36 (note audio interuptions that take a few minutes to resolve)
Jeff Jarvis – 19:50
Rebecca MacKinnon – 26:59
Jay Rosen – 35:20
Carne Ross – 43:02
Douglas Rushkoff – 49:58
Katrin Verclas – 56:18
Gideon Lichfield – 1:03:14
Session was moderated by Micah Sifry

Top YouTube Brand Videos of 2010

AdFreak posted the Top YouTube Brand Videos of 2010 based on number of views as reported by Google.
One stand out was D.C. ShoesKen Block’s Gymkhana Three Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome, France”. Not just for the simple reason that most guys would love to drive rally stunt like this at least once (or at least ride shotgun), but for the fact that it is a fantastic piece of content. The entire series is quite compelling to watch for anyone who has ever parallel parked or has done some quick maneuvering in tight traffic.

Another interesting video was the interactive bit from “Tippex, NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear”. A bit derivative (ala Subservient Chicken) but a decent way to play along in in a “create your own ending” sort of way.

See the rest on AdFreak. What is your pick?